Welcome to the WE Center!

The WE Center - or the Wellness and Empowerment Center - is where we do our work. Everything we do at the WE Center is designed to help build New Americans' wellness or empower their communities.


We're helping build, restore, and ensure cultural, emotional, and physical wellness. 


Our programs also are designed to empower New American's educationally, economically, and socially. 

Featured Programs

Check out some of the incredible work we are doing right now!

Risers Youth Mentoring Program

We're helping young folks navigate a digital world & discover their passion! 

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Tutoring Services

We offer tutoring for all ages and walks of life - including everything from citizenship tests to middle school math exams.

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Food & Rent Assistance

In 2021, it is our goal to help 75 families who are in need of food & rent assistance. 

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An important aspect of our work is celebrating everything from World Refugee Day to Welcome Week!

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Women's Empowerment Program

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Case Services

One of the most important things the Consortium does is Case Service Management.

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Diversity Trainings

We offer DEI trainings for your business or organization! 

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Child Care Services

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We have opportunities for every skill-set and experience.