World Refugee Day: June 20, 2016

Photo by Ann Arbor Miller

“Refugees are people like anyone else, like you and me. They led ordinary lives before becoming displaced, and their biggest dream is to be able to live normally again. On this World Refugee Day, let us recall our common humanity, celebrate tolerance and diversity and open our hearts to refugees everywhere.”

– Ban Ki-moon, U.N. Secretary General

World Refugee Day was declared in 2000 by the United Nations General Assembly as June 20th in order to set aside a universal day to celebrate the triumphs and remember the tragedies of countless refugees across the world. This day is celebrated all over the world and officially in at least 100 countries. Typically these events are marked with peaceful protests, speeches, celebration of culture, and the reciting or presentation of refugees’ stories.

In light of recent events revolving around the refugee crisis, this day is even more important to bring communities together to commemorate the strength and resilience of these displaced persons.

The Consortium hosted its first World Refugee Day event at the Lindenwood Park Main Shelter in Fargo. It was a potluck picnic with reflections from community members and live music. You can read more about our event here.

For more information about future celebrations of this event, check out the World Refugee Day tab on our website or Like the New American Consortium on Facebook. To be involved with worldwide celebrations of the event, use #withrefugees on social media.

To learn more about World Refugee Day and see how the event is celebrated worldwide, visit the United Nations website or use #withrefugees on social media.

June 20th is one day out of the year. To learn more about the refugee crisis and how you can help, visit the website for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and consider signing their #withrefugees petition to show your support.