Tutoring and Mentoring

Four great ELL and mentoring volunteer opportunities in the FM Area for 2016, one easy to use form.

African Initiative for Progress

AIP is looking for mentors to work with New American students at Fargo South High School and Davies High School. Mentoring may include some ELL support, broader homework support, or more general life mentoring. AIP training is available.

Website: http://www.aipinitiatives.org/

Contact: Christian Harris, Executive Director, AIP: christianforprogress@aol.com 701-491-0628

Fargo Adult Learning Center link


This volunteer opportunity is different than the Project English opportunity. The FALC instructors would benefit from classroom support during the day (M-F, 8:30-11:30; M-Thursday 12:30-2:30) or during the evening class T/R (6:00-8:00).

Website: http://www.fargo.k12.nd.us/alc

Contact: Jennifer Frueh, Director: fruehj2@fargo.k12.nd.us. 446-2806.

Giving + Learning link


In-home or school English Language tutoring for an individual, couple, or family. Basic commitment: one hour a week, at a time that is convenient for you and your partner. Primarily adults; some high school tutoring opportunities available. Learners are typically looking for help with:

• English
• Studying for the driver’s permit test
• Studying for the citizenship test
• Homework (in the case of high school students)

Locations: South High, Monday-Thursday, periods 6-8 and after school.
CHARISM Community Center, Monday and Wednesday, 5-7 pm.
The WE Center, Saturday and Sunday, 4-6 pm.

Contact: Dr. Kevin Brooks, Kevin.Brooks@ndsu.edu, 231-7147.
Website: https://givingpluslearning.org

Project English link


Project English helps newcomers to the United States learn to speak English through computer-based learning and volunteer assistance. Weekly volunteers are needed to assist New Americans with computers and the Rosetta Stone software. Group volunteer opportunities available. Contact volunteer@projectenglish.us to volunteer.

Sites in need of volunteers, spring 2016.
• The James Carlson Library, 6:30-8:00 PM, Tuesdays.  2801 32 Ave South Fargo .
• Fargo Adult Learning Center, Agassiz School located between 8th and 9th ave on University Drive. 1305 9th Avenue South (Mon-Thursday; 11:30-12:30). Individuals needed.
Website: http://www.projectenglish.us

Four great ELL and mentoring volunteer opportunities in the FM Area for 2016, one easy to use form.