Want to help out in your community? Or enable New Americans with the tools to successfully resettle? Consider volunteering with the New American Consortium! 

The Consortium has the goal of promoting wellness and empowerment for New Americans in the F/M Area, but we need the help of volunteers in order to accomplish this goal! Partnered with our member organizations, we offer a variety of opportunities for tutoring, mentoring, and other volunteering options.

Our tutoring programs are Giving + Learning, Project English, Fargo Adult Learning Center, and African Initiative for Progress. This can include high school mentoring, classroom or breakout support, and ELL tutoring. No experience needed! To volunteer with one of these great programs, fill out a form here.

The Consortium is also always in need of volunteers to make personal connections with our clients or help out in our office space. We have opportunities such as one-on-one mentoring with clients, providing transportation, visits and activities with elderly refugees, or helping out with one of our events. We are also looking for volunteers to help with our upcoming Women’s Empowerment Program.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, look at our Tutoring and Mentoring page, read our Guide to Tutoring, or contact us at info@newamericanconsortium.org