Summer 2017: Giving + Learning Opportunities

Giving + Learning offers drop-in tutoring every Saturday and Sunday from 4-6 pm at the WE Center (15-21st Street South, Fargo, Suite 102).  All learners are welcome: English language learners, citizenship test preparation, driver’s permit test preparation, GED test preparation.  We have materials to support all these activities, and experienced tutors to work alongside the learners. If you are interested in learning or tutoring, just drop in (no pre-registration needed) or contact Kevin Brooks in advance. The WE Center is open Monday-Friday 9-5.


Giving + Learning also arranges in-home matches to meet the needs of learners who are not able to attend classes or weekend tutoring, and to meet the busy schedule of volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer or request a tutor, see the links available at Giving + Learning.