Tutoring and learning


The Consortium offers multiple tutoring and learning opportunities.  Please contact our Program Director, Ezzat Al Haidar, if you have questions about learning or volunteering.



When you are ready to volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Form.

If you would like an in-home tutor or a high school mentor,  please fill out Request a Tutor Form.

1) High School Mentoring:  mentors to work with New American students at Fargo South High School and Davies High School during the school day or after school by arrangement.  Mentoring may include some ELL support, broader homework support, or more general life mentoring.

Contact: Darci Asche, asche.darci@gmail.com, 701-238-1972 or Ezzat Al Haidar ezzat_haider@yahoo.com 218-790-0721

2) Giving + Learning: in-home or weekend English Language tutoring for an individual, couple, or family.  Learners are typically looking for help with:

  • English
  • Studying for the driver’s permit test
  • Studying for the citizenship test
  • Preparing for Certified Nursing Assistant tests.

Tutoring Saturday and Sunday 4-6 PM at The WE Center (15-21st Street South Fargo).

Contact: Dr. Kevin Brooks, kabbie@mac.com, 701-231-7147 or 701-205-2709 or Ezzat Al Haidar ezzat_haider@yahoo.com 218-790-0721

Website: https://givingpluslearning.org

3) International Family Learning Night: families looking for a variety of English Language supports, much like Giving + Learning.   Childcare is provided; volunteers can choose to work with children or adults.

Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30 pm

Ed Clapp Elementary School: 3131 28th St SW, Fargo, ND 58103

Contact: Ezzat Al Haidar ezzat_haider@yahoo.com 218-790-0721