The New American Consortium for Wellness and Empowerment currently offers a number of programs and envisions additional programming as the organization grows.  We organize programming into two categories, WELLNESS and EMPOWERMENT.

WELLNESS Initiatives and Programs

  1. Cultural Wellness
    • Language Exchange Programs
    • Cultural competency trainings and presentations to organizations, institutions, and companies
    • Festivals and celebrations open to all community members
  2. Emotional Wellness
    • Women’s Empowerment Program
    • Recruit, train, and support mentors for newcomers who will help make connections to community options for activities and services
    • Develop support groups
  3. Physical Wellness
    • Classes on medical self care and appropriate use of the medical system.
    • Presentations/classes on tobacco and drugs avoidance and excessive alcohol consumption
    • Promotion of community activities that encourage physical wellness, such as the F/M area StreetsAlive! program.

EMPOWERMENT Initiatives and Programs

  1. Social Empowerment
    • Parenting groups
    • Presentations on rights and responsibilities
    • Presentations and field trips to community resources
    • Classes designed to teach cultural proficiency
  2. Economic Empowerment
    • Work-force development programs developed or supported by the Consortium
    • Financial literacy workshops
    • Small Business Administration Workshops hosted by the Consortium
  3. Educational Empowerment