Our Funders


The New American Consortium receives its funding from personal donations, grants, and contracts with organizations. These are some of the organizations we have recently received funding from in order to continue our work in the F/M Area community.

If you are able, please consider donating to our cause.

FM+Foundation logo

Women’s Fund of the FM Area Foundation link

The Women’s Fund, an endowed fund of the FM Area Foundation, gives grant dollars in our community within three focus areas: women in leadership, children in need of care, and the economic well-being of women and their families.

We received funding for our Women’s Empowerment Program to allow us to build leadership teams in 5 neighborhoods in Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead. They will be comprised of refugee, former refugee, and immigrant women living in these neighborhoods. The goal of this program is to develop leadership, professional skills, and encourage community involvement.

Consensus Council Logo

The Consensus Council, INC link

The Consensus Council, in partnership with the Bush Foundation, provides Community Innovation grants to non-profit organizations and units of government in North Dakota who are using problem-solving processes that lead to more effective, equitable and sustainable solutions.

Our grant from the Consensus Council allows us to promote leadership development and aid in building the capacity of our Board of Directors.


Otto Bremer Trust link

The Otto Bremer Trust gives grants to support work that is important to the communities that are home to Bremer banks. With these grants, the Otto Bremer Trust strives to help build healthy, vibrant communities where basic needs are met, mutual regard is prized, and opportunities for economic, civic, and social participation are within everyone’s reach.

This grant allows us to create summer activities and build the capacity of our mentor program that is currently operating at South High School and Davies High School.

City of Fargo link

We received a grant from the City of Fargo to allow us to provide services to newcomers to the community and help them integrate. This grant also helped us to develop Welcoming Week for the F/M Area in coordination with other organizations in the community.


Cass County Social Services link

We have a contract with Cass County Social Services to help provide a variety of services for their clients. We receive referrals from Social Services, Fargo Police Department, Fargo Public Schools, and community members.

barry foundation logo

Philanthropy and Youth Program (PaY) – The Barry Foundation link

PaY is a program of The Barry Foundation. It is designed to introduce local high school students to the importance of leadership, service, philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, and community development.

We were awarded funds from Central Cass, Fargo South, and Shanley high schools to aid with technology costs, informational pamphlets and outreach materials, and summer art programs for the Consortium.