Member Organizations

The New American Consortium is made up of three member organizations who are incorporated in our Board of Directors. These organizations are African Initiative for Progress, Djibouti Community, and Giving + Learning. Learn more about these organizations here:

African Initiative for Progress

The African Initiative for Progress (AIP) mentoring program is designed to help students to reach appropriate decisions, approach life in a more pro-active way, and work toward a successful future. They have been working with the Davies and South High Schools to provide mentoring in order to overcome behavioral, attendance-related, and academic challenges that many students and youths face. Mentees processed into the program sign up through the schools, with the approval of their parents, and are matched with our trained mentors who provide on-site tutoring.

To learn more about AIP, visit their Facebook or website!

Giving + Learning

Giving + Learning is an in-home tutoring service that aims to bring volunteers to the homes of adult ELLs who may have difficulty traveling to receive English tutoring, or learners who work when classes are available. Giving + Learning matches volunteers with individuals or families for tutoring one hour a week. Giving + Learning also hosts tutoring sessions at the WE Center every Saturday and Sunday from 4-6 pm. Volunteers are much needed and always welcome. To volunteer with Giving + Learning, fill out this easy-to-use online form.

To learn more about Giving + Learning, you can check out their website at

Uland: United Liberian Association of North Dakota

Description coming soon.